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We have AWESOME bikes to rent. We carry Trek Verve hybrid bikes in both  top tube and step through models. These versatile bikes come in several sizes so you'll always be comfortable while having a super fun time. Tell us your height and we'll find the right bike for you. Trek is a quality bike company located right here in Wisconsin.

If you're looking for a more laid back experience try our Townie bike with flat foot geometry. The pedal forward design allows you to put both feet on the ground while staying comfortably seated. These cruisers also come with gears so you can power up a hill if needed.
There is no better way to see the city than from a bike. Our sightseeing tours of Milwaukee take you to several of the city's most famous attractions. Our guides share their knowlege of all things Milwaukee with surprising stories to make it fun along the way. 

Our Essential Milwaukee Tour starts at the Harley Davidson Museum  and moves to the lakefront and through the city  using a mixture of bike paths and city streets.  You should be comfortable riding a bike but you don't need to be an expert. Our route is safe but it has some gentle hills and we will be on city streets part of the time. 

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We deliver great quality rental bikes right to you. Daily or weekly rentals available in both the downtown and surrounding areas. Don't miss out on some of the greatest bike trails in the U.S. !
We would love to show you Milwaukee! Check out our sightseeing tour by bike. Use our great quality bikes or bring your own!
Let Super Fun Time create a memorable corporate outing or team builder, designed just for your organization. Get out of the office and get on a bike!
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  1. "I thought of it while riding my bike." Theory of Relativity
    Albert Einstein